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Uroxatral (10 mg tablets ER used to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate, rose 197.5 percent. This is not the first time the 32-year-old. The coming crisis, if you don't have

insurance, drug price increases can be crippling. GlaxoSmithKline had long been the only producer of pyrimethamine, but priced it modestly. The retail price of doxycycline increased from about three cents per pill. With the price now high, other companies could conceivably make generic copies, since patents have long expired. Another reason: Mergers and acquisitions in the generic drug industry have reduced the number of competitors. In the spring of 2014, pharmacists began to experience a shortage. Part D was implemented. Doxycycline, an antibiotic, went from 20 a bottle in October 2013. They are sort of concocting this wild and crazy and unlikely story to swindle me out of the money, he said. In 2014, after further price increases, sales were.9 million, as the. "Until people know exactly what they're paying, it's olive almost impossible to make informed decisions he says. For example, lets return to doxycycline, which is another drug mentioned with a large price increase.2.

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